On the actual test, your child's score is curved and graded against other children, in the same age group, who take the same test across the country. 

The scores we provide represent the percentage of correct answers, but are converted from a 1-100% scale to a 1-10 scale. 9 or 10 would be on the higher range. 

It is important to note the scores are not scaled the same way they are scaled on the actual exams and are NOT predictive of the final score a child will receive. 


We recommend to use our scores only as a way to track your child's progress. 

You can view your child's score reports with 4 easy steps: 

1. After answering all the questions click 'Summary Report'

2. You will have the total score and a detailed report of number of correct and incorrect answers. 

3. To check what the correct answer is and why simply click on the number of question you wish to check. You will then have a detailed explanation. 

4. You can compare several score reports to see your child's progress 

You are welcome to read more about the scores of the actual test on our website:

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